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Always sporting a good look. Leah and Jenny rock the Maul tee. More »

Rockin’ for a cause

Rocked the house at the Westin Hotel NYC. More »

Rockin’ NYC

Maul Girls rocked Bowery Electric in New York City, August 2013. More »


Formed in the 1990s, Maul Girls, a NYC-based alterna-spunk quintet took the East Village by storm with appearances at venues such as CBGBs and the Continental. Sharing stages with eclectic acts including The Lunachicks, They Might Be Giants, and Janis Ian, Maul Girls offered a funky, chunky sound that the New York Times called “high energy pop.” Having disbanded by the Maullenium, they reunited for shows at NYC’s HOWL! Festival, Dean Johnson’s Rock N’ Roll Fag Bar, and the Bowery Electric. They continue to reunite whenever the opportunity arises as they simply cannot get enough of each other! Reflecting on their 2007 HOWL! Festival performance, Lucid Culture notes: “…their slightly askew mishmash of punk, funk and pop pulled an impressively mixed crowd. Everybody loved the Maul Girls because they rocked…and their songs were catchy as hell. Tonight the crowd was a roiling sea of dancing bodies….” Yes, indeed -Maul Girls are guaranteed to BRING DA PARTY and they will ROCK your world!!


Jenny Maul (vocals), Bobbie Maul (guitar), Anne-Marie Maul (bass), Leah Maul (guitar) and Stephanie Maul (drums)